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Abstraction over Redux and UI Router for faster application development.
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Sparkx is my current big project. It started with me building a React Redux boilerplate. But soon evolved into a framework. Then I realized that it need not be React specific if I can decouple some hard dependencies. Meaning, it has the potential to be a framework where a certain part of an application is in react whereas some other part can be in LitElement, or Preact.


Lately I realized that the JavaScript community is somewhat split as per the view we use. Take for example this very website. It is made using Gatsby. Meaning I am using React too. Developers who are familiar with Vue or Angular will need to first learn React and then only they would be able to reap the benefits of Gatsby.


Well if you look at any application, it can be mostly split into three parts. Model, View, and Controllers. Since, I wanted Sparkx to be View agnostic, I only need to come up with a framework that manages the Model and Controllers. To manage the Model I used Redux and UI Router for routing. Users can create services in native JavaScript. For Controllers they can just extend a base controller class and pass this along with their view while creating a route.


  • Application State management
  • Immutable state
  • Hierarchical state
  • Routing with nested routes, transition hooks, and lazy load
  • Support for hash and browser history API routing
  • Typed
  • Singleton services
  • Support for React
  • Support for Preact
  • Support for Vue
  • Support for lit-element

When will this be completed?

TBH IDK. The more I work on it, the more ideas I get and the goal post slips further away. But I will get there eventually. And I would also like a helping hand with this. So, ping me if you are interested.

Pushkar Anand
Written by Pushkar Anand.
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